This Sailor Neptune Cosplay Makes More Than a Splash!


There’s not much that’s more exciting than reliving your childhood – whether it be by watching old movies, cartoons, reading old books, or anything one might have done growing up. Watching old animes is the top on some peoples’ lists, and for some that might include Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh. However, some might be more partial – or watched this show in addition, to Sailors. If that doesn’t instantly spark a memory the name Sailor Moon might, a show that more than a handful of folks watched when they were kids. Each full of spunk and personalities all their own, it was hard not to relate to at least one Sailor if not more.


While most might immediately drift to Sailor Moon, some might be a bit more on the reserved side, and thus took a liking to a Sailor that was as well. Sailor Neptune was depicted in the series as an extremely polite, and calm girl. She’s also quite sensitive and doesn’t enjoy indulging people when she doesn’t find it necessary. Her intelligence is remarkable as well, choosing to express herself through music – as she is shown with a cello on more than one occasion. Sailor Neptune also has the ability to generate and manipulate sea water, precognition and astral projection.


Just like the other Sailors, Neptune has a white outfit trimmed with dark teal – to match the flowing hair on her head. Cosplayer Aliceincosplayland took these features that Sailor Neptune has, and added a bit of water flare – and a violin, to truly take this cosplay to the next level. With such a solid rendition of Sailor Neptune, there’s no question as to why one might tip their hat to Aliceincosplayland on a job well done.


 Photography by fotofobico