This Scarlet Witch Cosplay is Beyond Magical


Scarlet Witch, the Marvel beauty is more than just a mutant, she is also a super heroine that will cast anyone who opposes her under a powerful spell. She uses unique hexes and curses to take down the bad guys. Born as the daughter of Magneto and the twin sister of Quicksilver, she was bound for greatness. Her powers can cast powerful hexes, manipulate probablility, and sometimes even take a physical form as hex spheres or hex bolts.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced the seductive superheroine in X Men #4, which hit stores in March of 1964. Scarlet Witch was an instant hit, especially when readers found out who she was related to, her family includes some of Marvel’s famous cast and she is even married to the Vision.


She has recently become a cosplay icon as well. Many attempts on this character’s costume have been made, and some of them are truly superb, however this cosplay by Vert-Vixen completely takes the cake! This handmade worbla corset and armor took our breath away. It is obvious to any onlooker that this cosplayer is not only talented but passionate about this character. So congrats Vert-Vixen! This cosplay is truly epic!