This Sexy Naruto Cosplay is Jawdropping


For those not familiar with the anime Naruto – there is a long lost variation of the ‘Transformation Technique’ called the ‘Sexy Technique’, which transforms the user into an attractive lady. It is used for distraction with all successful attempts generally resulting in an exaggerated nosebleed from the victim or opponent. The more perverted the opponent, the greater the effect will be. The form generally appears with clouds of mist surrounding the body or with a bikini. Naruto uses this technique to help him win battles by using sex appeal, either as a distraction or to outright cause men to stop fighting.


With the post-edit clouds, I will assume that Angltiger’s sexy jutsu is not one to be worn live at conventions! Her super cute photos really nail the tongue-in-cheek concept of the sexy jutsu. Her additional styling with the makeup and wig are spot-on, along with the ‘come hither’ stare that is a function of the transformation. Great job Angltiger – great execution on a difficult concept.

 Photography by WeNeals