This Shiro Cosplay Shows An Intriguing Duality

Deadman Wonderland is a fascinatingly gruesome and dark anime in which the majority of Tokyo has been ravaged by a strange incident, leaving only a small section intact. Ten years later, a young student named Ganta Igarashi is convicted of a crime he did not commit, the murder of his entire class. Due to the violent nature of the crime, he is sent to Deadman Wonderland to carry out his lethal sentence. This unique prison is privately-owned and designed like a theme park, where the prisoners there are put on display as entertainment for the public. There he meets a mysterious young girl named Shiro, whose history is heavily shrouded in mystery. She behaves in a very childish and animated way compared to the other prisoners, which intrigues Ganta. Along with her superhuman abilities and knowledge of the prison itself, Shiro proves to be a worthy ally and comfort for Ganta during his confinement.


Frosel perfectly portrays both Shiro’s innocence and her eventual turn to a darker side. Smiling demurely in her photos, she poses with sweets in her hands. However, Frosel makes sure to show the fascinating duality of Shiro. Her darker side includes her Wretched Egg half-mask, bloodstains on her outfit and face, and dark backgrounds that contrast perfectly with her white and red aesthetic. Her lashes and brows have even been colored white to accentuate Shiro’s red eyes. From the intricately drawn red bulls-eye patterns on the bodysuit, to the white stitches on the gloves, and excellent crafted mask, this cosplay is in itself a beautifully macabre “wonderland”.


Photography by UselessDevice



Written by Guest Contributor: Corset Scars