This Snow White Cosplay is True Royalty

The story generally follows the original Grimms’ version, which starts off with recollections of the princess Snow White’s birth to her mother’s death, and her stepmother’s cold treatment as she grows up. Märchen is the seventh story CD, released by the fantasy symphonic rock band Sound Horizon on December 15, 2010 through King Records. Schneewittchen (Princess Snow White) is one of the seven girls from the album, Märchen, who is assisted by Märchen von Friedhof to take her revenge upon her stepmother, who is the cause of her death. Her vocals and dialogue were provided by Tomoyo Kurosawa.


What an absolutely awesome cosplay! I learned so much about this band while researching this cosplay – I highly recommend! Alexia Muller did a fantastic job making Snow White from the artwork – its beautifully accurate. There is a lovely grace in the drapings of the fabric and in the flow of her red cape – shes just enchanting. The colors are vibrant and well blocked; her detail work is tight and elegant. She changed the tights to something a little more bold, which I very much enjoy. This is a great cosplay with a lot of creative choices that all add up to pure fantastic. I love it!


Photography by Eva