This Starfire Cosplay is Sure to Get Your Temperature Rising!

Princess Koriand’r, hailing from the land of Tamaran, was born equipped with an ability that all Tamarans wield- the ability to convert ultraviolet light into energy that allows them to fly. Unfortunately for the people of Princess Koriand’r’s nation, others were jealous of this power and wanted to learn how to transfer energies just as they do. One such group of people were the Citadel. Invading Tamaran, Koriand’r was her people’s only chance for survival- they were grusomely outnumbered and did not have nearly enough military power. Koriand’r did not help willingly though- she was bartered off by her own father, King Myand’r, to slave traders of the Citadel in hopes that giving her up for experimentation would give the Citadel what they want, and create a treaty of peace between the two nations.

red-hood-cosplay-2Eventually escaping the brutal Citadel after having countless experiments done on her, she was safely brought to Earth with the help of the Teen Titans. Deciding the abandon her former culture and any ties to her Tamaranian royal family, Koriand’r changed her name to Starfire, a name that was quite fitting for the beautiful young woman who had red hair and was, quite literally, filled with energy.

red-hood-cosplay-3Check out this amazing Starfire cosplay, followed in tow by her faithful friends from DC Comics’ Red Hood and the Outlaws.  This perfectly formed costume created by Spain’s WhiteLemon shows of Starfire’s rockin’ body, radience, and energetic nature.  Starfire has never looked so good!


Additional thanks to Red Hood cosplayer, Jonathan Duran, and Arsenal cosplayer, Victor Castaño.

Photography by Jonathan Duran.