This Stunning Cammy Cosplay is a Real Knockout


Cammy White, known also by her alias of Killer Bee, is the second female character to appear in the Street Fighter series. Cammy burst onto the scene with her first appearance in the game Super Street Fighter II as one of the four “New Challengers”. Cammy is a familiar face even outside of the Street Fighter series itself due to her immense popularity and her prominence in gaming culture as a whole. The classic and most often depicted “Delta Red Cammy” look is comprised of a green thong leotard, red beret, black combat boots, and red gauntlets and the signature Delta Red triangle logo. Cammy’s personality ensures that those who have earned her respect and kindness receive it, and those who would challenge her receive nothing short of an excellent fight.

cammy cosplay 2

Sophie Valentine has done an excellent recreation of Cammy’s classic Delta Red look. Strong and determined, she poses confidently, showing that she is prepared for anything. Her perfectly plaited blonde braids do not have a single hair out of place and even Cammy’s signature scar is prominently displayed. The combined details of the green camouflage paint on her legs, the Delta Red insignia, and the well-crafted red gauntlets all work exceptionally well, pulling together an epic cosplay. Sophie Valentine’s Cammy is without a doubt ready to beat down her competition!

cammy cosplay 4

Photography by PH4



Written by Guest Contributor: Corset Scars