This Stunning Catwoman Cosplay has Stolen our Breath


Catwoman is a classic DC Comics character, full of mystery and appeal. A natural thief with a good heart and love of cats, Catwoman has become a true fan favorite for a good reason. Although belonging to the criminal side of Gotham, she has enjoyed a working relationship with Batman that often spills over to the intimate side.


Over the many years Catwoman has been present in comics, television, and movies, she has had a wide array of fabulous costumes. Catwoman’s most recent costume comes from the latest Batman: The Dark Knight Rises movie. This costume is spectacular as it combines all the amazing aspects of Catwoman, such as her stealth and sex appeal, and adds in some technology and versatility.


FairyPorchQueen Cosplay is an absolutely stunning Catwoman. The suit, her demeanor and the way she brings Catwoman to life is perfectly spot on. Accessorizing with a fantastically accurate Batman, FairyPorchQueen Cosplay has truly stolen our hearts.


Photography by Sonesh Joshi