This Swimsuit Asuna Cosplay Celebrates the End of Summer

Asuna is one of the main characters, and partner of Kirito, in the anime Sword Art Online. She is also a sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood guild in the world of Sword Art Online. She is also the daughter of the former CEO of RCT Progress Inc. Even though she is known as “Lightning Flash Asuna” her real name is Yuuki Asuna. She has long reddish brown hair.

Swimsuit Asuna Cosplay From Sword Art Online


Before she met Kirito, Asuna did not care about anything including dying. However, when she met him her entire personality changed and she took what he said to heart. They became closer, eventually leading into a marriage– only in the game.


This cosplay by Foxy Cosplay represents the entire personality of this awesome character, but in a way that is different than the norm. She shows the fans an unusual and sexy side of Asuna. Sexy cosplays are challenging– the costume itself has to be perfectly constructed in order for it to look right. Foxy Cosplay did a wonderful job at just that, making this one epic ode to summer.

 Photography by MV Photography