This ‘The Mask’ Cosplay is Smokin’

Everyone whose anyone remembers The Mask movies — as they were a quintessential part of some fans’ childhood. Jim Carrey took on Stanley Ipkiss, a shy banker who longed for something more in his life. His inability to talk to attractive women drug him down, he couldn’t stand up for himself, and — quite frankly, he was little more than an average Joe. Perhaps why The Mask was such a highly acclaimed film was because many could relate to Stanley Ipkiss and his desire to want to be something more, a better version of himself. Of course, Stanley’s life was turned completely upside down when he encountered The Mask.

Stanley Ipkiss was given the opportunity to morph into something greater than himself, his every desire obtainable at the snap of his fingers. Too bad that much power proved to be too much for Stanley Ipkiss and got in the way of him truly obtaining happiness.


With the amazing story told and the wonderful acting done by Jim Carrey, it was hard not to fall in love with The Mask. Though seeing him — The Mask and Stanley Ipkiss, as a her is something completely different. Thanks to the creative minds that cosplayers have, The Mask has become a woman and she’s a stunner at that. Check out this amazing twist on the classic character by Hot-cocoa Cosplay!

Photography by Cielo+ Cosplay Photography