This Thor Cosplay is Quite Striking

Thor is most famous lately for his role in the super hero team the Avengers. His roots are based in Norse mythology as a hammer-wielding god who has power over storms and thunder. In 1962, the ever famous Stan Lee wrote comic books about a superhero with the same name and basic background. Since then, Thor has become a household name with his devilish brother Loki. He is strong, handsome and famously powerful, especially since he is the only one able to wield his mighty hammer, Mjolnir.


This cosplay by Uxi Parapara is flawless. She creates a strong yet feminine and sexy version of everyone’s favorite god of thunder. Genderbends are hard to construct, and sometimes difficult to execute, considering that an entire new costume design for the character needs to be drawn out, however, this cosplay is perfect in all categories. Featuring Thor’s winged helmet. this cosplay is totally epic!

thor-cosplay-3 Photography by Joey Mena