This War of Mine Adds Scenario Editor, New Areas

The civilian-oriented war simulator This War of Mine has added a new scenario editor and new locations in a major update pushed out today, as announced by Warsaw-based developer 11 bit studios. Working by allowing players to create their own characters and scenarios both by using the models from the in-game catalog as well as integrating photographs from outside the game, the scenario editor allows players to create a bit more immersion in a game that is already considered by many to be a very intimate look at war from the civilian’s perspective, where food, ammunition, weapons, and medical expenses are in short supply.



Previously, This War of Mine had hosted a charity sale through Steam, where the game is distributed. In this charity, all proceeds were given to War Child, a UK-based non-profit that aims to help children in war zones such as Syria and the Middle East. The charity went on to help over 350 children in Syria with receiving social and psychological help. This War of Mine is now available on Windows, Linux, and iOS.