This Yuna Cosplay Combines Sexiness and Fierceness


Final Fantasy lead Yuna Braska transformed before our eyes in Final Fantasy X-2. The once reserved character has taken on a more revealing style and adventurous personality. No longer bound by her responsibilities, Yuna has become more playful and outspoken. Yuna has some very amazing Dressspheres in this game, meaning more and more options for amazing cosplay. With such a wonderful strong and determined character, it is no wonder that Final Fantasy cosplayers everywhere are recreating Yuna’s looks.


A crowd favorite Dressphere from the game is definitely the Berserker. Characters transform into animal like attire and possess animal like abilities. Yuna pounces and attacks her opponents like a mountain lion. Yuna’s Berserker Dressphere attire is something of beauty. From a horned headdress to large animal feet and hands, it is truly fierce.


Cosplayer MiciaGlo has recreated Yuna’s Berserker Dresssphere flawlessly. I am stunned by her hair styling abilities and attention to detail. MiciaGlo looks absolutely stunning as Yuna and Photographers Thomas Lui and Chiara Santaterra of Reflex Studio have captured her cosplay beautifully. It is truly amazing how she designed the hands and feet of this costume. To see more cosplay by MiciaGlo follow her on DeviantArt and Facebook.



Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt