This Yuno Gasai Cosplay brings the Insanity to Life

Future Diary’s main female protagonist, Yuno Gasai, is a sweet, feminine girl around her love. If their survival is ever threatened, though, she will become a ruthless, cruel girl out of the blue. This mental disparity comes from abuse at the hand of her mother, and after her death, it caused Yuno to become morbid, even carrying her mother’s head with her and talking to her dead body. She is the holder of the Yukiteru Diary, a book which can be used to read the future.

Yuno Gasai Cosplay by Kawaielli



Cosplayer Kawaielli has donned Yuno’s black dress in striking fashion. With light pink hair tied in the front with bows, Kawaielli portrays the twisted killer perfectly. The black dress is flowing, with the sexy factor coming from the black stockings and garters clasps. The photos really exhibit Yuno’s dual personality. Kawaielli smiles sweetly in some of the photos, looking the image of darling femininity. In others, her hands are smeared with blood, and she wields a deadly knife as she grins insanely. The editing, which adds blood splatter to the images, really adds that finishing touch to Kawaielli’s cosplay.

yuno-gasai-cosplay-3 yuno-gasai-cosplay-4Photography by Мышь Рокер