This Zero Suit Samus Cosplay is Our Hero


When you think of strong women characters in video games, Samus Aran is always one of the top characters to come to mind. She is the perfect combination of beautiful and strong. Who doesn’t love and respect this intergalactic bounty hunter of Metroid?


Introduced in 1986, Samus was a bit ahead of her time as a female video game lead. How did developers handle this? Gamers didn’t find out that their bad-ass bounty hunter was actually a woman until the end of the game! Because of this, Samus made a big splash in the video game world and has endured the evolution of gaming to still be one of the most loved female video game characters.

zero-suit-samus-cosplay-3Edit by Slim Summers

California beauty Holly Brooke brings us Zero-Suit Samus Aran. She has one of the most detailed Zero Suits and wears it well! Equipped with a Paralyzer by Keroga Forge, Holly perfectly portrays Samus Aran in her Zero Suit. She brings this same level of quality and personality to all of her other cosplays as well including Black Canary and Stocking. Check out her page! You won’t be disappointed.

Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi




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