“Thor: Ragnarok” Will Likely Kill Major Characters

Christopher Yost, Cowriter of Thor: The Dark World and the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok recently dropped this bombshell of a tweet about the final film in the Thor trilogy.


Well, that’s a rather ominous tease. Especially since, in the comics, the Ragnarok storyline did see the death of Thor himself. This doesn’t seem too farfetched for the movie since all the recent reveals about the coming Marvel Cinematic Universe point towards a darker, morally murkier tone, especially with Age of Ultron and Captain America Civil War.

Since we have no way of knowing if any character deaths are certain yet, it’s a bit futile to think about how the circumstances and repercussions of Thor’s death may affect the MCU. If it does come to pass, I hope it may mean a female recasting of Thor, following the comics.

Rumors and speculative consensus currently tells us that Loki will definitely play a big part in bring about Ragnarok and the ruin of Asgard and that Thor may turn his eye back to the tumult on his home realm by the end of Age of Ultron. For now, we can still expect Ragnarok to commence in theaters July, 2017.



Source: CinemaBlend