Thresh Cosplay is a Beautiful Death Sentence

This Thresh Cosplay is so beautiful we might even welcome the torture.

Thresh originally started as a twisted prison warden in League of Legends. Taking sadistic pleasure in torturing his wards, he broke their minds before breaking their bodies. During a riot, his potential victims hung him from his own chains. Coming back to life as Thresh, this haunting specter continues his reign of terror, hunting down the perfect victim. When the body finally breaks, the torture doesn’t end however, as he rips their souls from their bodies and stores them in his lantern to continue breaking down their spirit.


The Chain Warden is a difficult cosplay to pull off. Using some ingenuity and creativity HKHugs Cosplay makes a delightfully sinister Thresh. Going for a two piece outfit, she has the eerie green highlighted armor. Hanging from her waist are his keys and a chain adorns her abdomen. Her skirt is embellished with large skulls and bones. A skull to represent Thresh’s skeletal head is on her head, covering some of her green hair. Most importantly is Thresh’s hook and lantern, one of the first things any player of League of Legends thinks of when they hear of Thresh. With some amazing editing and fantastic posing, not only does HKHugs Cosplay nail the important elements of the character, but she also exudes the ethereal, spectral feel of Thresh.


 Photography by Jason DeSomer