Time to go Retro with 2,400 MS-DOS Games in Your Browser

Internet Archive has got to be one of the best sites around and can explore what websites looked like fifteen years ago. Those who like to go back to past generations can now head to Internet Archive and game classic MS-DOS games, over and over again. The MS-DOS games are still relatively fresh and most people are just now hearing about it being available and now, game enthusiasts of the 1980s and 1990s can have a little enjoyment. Games available include Bricks, 4D Prince of Persia and Oregon Trail. Wow! I’ve been playing my favorite of all time, The Lion King. It’s amazing how much trouble one little lion cub can get into!

In case you want to reminisce, playing these games is insanely easy and you can head to the site on any web browser. Jason Scott, the software curator, is asking for feedback on what works and does not work for users via an announcement he made on Monday. We would assume that this is because he wants to go in, make adjustments and get it to work for those wanting to play.




Source: Internet Archive