Tira Cosplay Hunts for Soul Edge’s Fragments

Photo by Matteo Alzak

Tira made her first appearance in Soul Caliber III as the Misguided Angel of Death. Trained as an assassin from a young age with the Birds of Passage. By age nine she was already considered a Bird of Death, killing enough people where she became dependent on it for stimulation. Obsessed with murder, she came to serve Nightmare and Soul Edge. In Soulcalibur V, the Evil Sword has been is still shattered, with Tira enraged at its defeat. Swearing to reunite the shards of Soul Edge, Tira embarks on a journey to create the perfect vessel for it.



Photo by SG Photo

AE-cosplay becomes the split personality assassin in this amazing cosplay. Wearing a shredded green dress, black leggings, boots and gloves, AE-cosplay is a picture perfect Tira. With jester inspired braided white and lavender hair, she wields the giant Ring Blade. The Ring Blade is extremely impressive in construction, looking as if it can slice through a chain and with all the details precisely recreated.


Photo by Luciano Ponticelli