Tokyo Ghoul Touka Cosplay Puts Bright Spin on Dark Character

Tokyo Ghoul rapidly became one of the most popular animes of the last few years upon its release.  If you’ve watched the show, you know it contains a cast of lovable characters, while some linger more on the creepy, murderous side.  Watching the series, we’ve seen show frontrunner, Ken Keneki, transform from an innocent human, to a frightened-of-his-own-shadow human-ghoul hybrid, to a more confident, white-haired ghoul.


Cosplayer KiaraBerry decided to cosplay as Ken Keneki’s most valued ally, Touka Kirishima, in these lovely photos.  While Touka’s world is generally dark, Kiara takes inspiration from the official Tokyo Ghoul calendar and puts her in a more lively light as she embroiders herself in flowers.



Photography by Dizzymonogatari