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Tomb Raider Exclusivity is a ‘Win-Win’, According to Xbox Boss

Head of Microsoft’s Xbox division have said their deal for Rise of the Tomb Raider is a ‘win-win’.  Phil Spencer has said that the partnership enables Crystal Dynamics to work actively towards their goals for the title, along with Microsoft racking up a hugely popular game for 2015.

He spoke out about the deal to CVG, “We’ve found in certain instances that if we can partner with a third-party team when they want to do something special, then we can work with them on their game to help it reach that level that they want to see.”

“This was really nice for us. If you look at Tomb Raider and what it is as a game, it fits extremely well for out line-up next year alongside Quantum Break and Halo 5. We haven’t announced everything that’s coming next, but if you think about the game that Tomb Raider is, it fits really well for us. So the partnership I think is really a win-win,” he said.

Rise of the Tomb Raider got unveiled at E3 during the Microsoft briefing. It’s heading for release in the holidays of 2015.