Toothless Cosplay Commands the Skies

Toothless, Hiccup’s adorable dragon from the film How To Train Your Dragon, is a type of dragon called a Night Fury. Toothless is a good fighter, intelligent, and is a very curious dragon. Though sometimes he shows a bit of an attitude, he is loyal and caring to his trainer, Hiccup and will do anything he can to protect him.


Cosplayer Gladzy Kei has created an incredible female rendition of the beloved Toothless. With a gorgeous armor build inspired by the Dragon Trainers, but keeping Toothless’s tail, paws, and feet, along with his spikes on her helmet and on her shoulder armor, Gladzy Kei has created a true original masterpiece of a cosplay.

Photography by Destiny’s Curse Photography and William Tan’s Photography

Editing by White Specs Photography and Sabrina Schmitt Art & Design