Top 10 Cosplays of Final Fantasy’s Lightning

Final Fantasy was granted to players in 1987, and ever since the series has only increased in popularity. It seems that title after title, fans can’t help but rejoice over a job well done by Square Enix. Throughout the twenty-seven years that Final Fantasy has been around, only two women have been graced with the role of main protagonist. Out of those two women shines Final Fantasy’s Lightning, a girl as striking – in both personality and looks, as the outfits she wears. While Lightning was served as a narrator and temporary playable character in Final Fantasy XIII-2, Claire Farron, as she is alternatively known, got more “screen time” in Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

As the fame for the Final Fantasy series as a whole has picked up speed and gained popularity, so has Lightning – both amongst gamers and cosplayers alike. When the female population is given a strong female role model to look up to, it’s hard to turn a cold shoulder, especially with such a heroine as Lightning. Lightning has taken on the role of as a knight in order to protect the goddess Etro, to being a chosen savior, to a girl who wants nothing more than to save her sister. Through her various titles, slight changes in pastel pink tinted hair, and multiple outfits, Lightning has continued to be a woman of fierce caliber – determined and quite able.

With that being said, All That’s Epic has collected what we believe are the top ten Lightning cosplays to date. Each taking features of Lighting – whether it be by wielding her gunblade, striking the perfect pose, or donning one of her infamous outfits and crafting them masterfully. Hats off to the ten cosplayers who have conquered everything needed to have a perfect Lightning cosplay.



(Cosplayer: DiGiRin; Photographer: LiquidCocaine)


(Cosplayer: cyberlight; Photographer: Julien Rico)


(Cosplayer: Sha-mallow; Photographer: N8e Cosplay Photography)


(Cosplayer: kaiser-mony; Photographer: LiquidCocaine)


(Cosplayer: Amie Lynn; Photographer: Adam Patrick Murray)


(Cosplayer: HarleyBatmarta; Photographer: Nexus 6)


(Cosplayer: Ver1sa; Photographer: EnvyTheOne)


(Cosplayer: Kilory)


(Cosplayer: Yuuri-C; Photographer: Jwai Design)


(Cosplayer: Lyz Brickley; Photographer: Zim Killgore)