Top 10 Marvel Villains We Love to Hate

Top 10 Marvel Villains We Love To Hate

If there’s one kind of movie that is universally loved by almost all people, it’s a superhero movie. The amount of recent and upcoming superhero films is absolutely stunning, and it can be a chore just to keep them all straight. One day you’re thinking that it’s too bad that Spidey will never team up with The Avengers, and then the next thing you know, there he is!

Spidey Joins the Avengers

(Keep in mind that that gif is not from the actual Age of Ultron trailer. But, still, it looks pretty awesome). But what good is a superhero without an equally matched supervillain? Some bad guys in recent Marvel films have failed to live up to their hype and potential, like Malekith from Thor: The Dark World and The Mandarin from Iron Man 3. But some villains are absolutely tailor made for the big screen, and have their roles have been executed to perfection. And what’s more, some villains from the comics are so iconic that we can’t wait to see them make their theatrical debuts. Below is our list of the top 10 Marvel villains that are so cool that you can’t help but stand in awe at their evil glory.

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