Top 5 Television Shows on The CW

For today’s Top 5 installment, I take a look at the best shows from The CW network. Currently, they are offering some of the most fun television around with superheroes, sitcoms and horror-centric craziness. At first, I was going to cover the best 5 shows currently on the air, but decided to dive into the deeper pool and pick from every show, either airing or concluded.



Starting off with the most obvious choice, no list of CW shows would be complete without the inclusion of the current best superhero series, Arrow. From the action sequences, to the acting, to the lovely camera work, everything on Arrow just clicks into place towards the end of the first season. While I’ll admit it took me about a dozen episodes to fully commit, once I got into the characters and plot lines, that was it. Luckily, Arrow’s first two seasons are on Netflix. So if you have Netflix, you have no excuse not to give it a shot!

Jane the Virgin

Switching from superheroes to sitcoms, we come to one of the best new series in the comedy department in recent memory. Snagging a couple of awards at the Emmy’s and already getting renewed for a second season should be recommendation enough. Just in case, though, Jane the Virgin is a surprisingly subversive take on the typical sitcom. I don’t want to give too much away, this is one you just have to trust me on.


Before I get into the positive aspects of what may be television’s best horror series, I need to admit that, after the sixth season, this show just gets so outside the bounds of reality and suspension of disbelief that I just sort of tuned out. The show was meant to end around seasons 5 and 6 so those to me are where the show actually concludes. Everything else is merely an afterthought. Following the paranormal adventures of Sam and Dean sort of took up the mantle once The X-Files’ Mulder and Scully called it quits. Going from the woods, the cities, to hell and back again, the plot lines in Supernatural are outlandish, to say the least. For all that ridiculous-ness, though, it’s entertaining as hell. Most of this show is available on Netflix so head over there and watch the first episode!

Everybody Hates Chris

Everybody Hates Chris is hilarious. Plain and simple. In the memories of all the comedy television I’ve watched, this one sits relatively higher than most. Created and narrated by the great Chris Rock, Everybody Hates Chris utilizes an autobiographical edge that few shows can boast. Following four seasons and paralleling the majority of Chris’ childhood, the show has a pounding heart full of affection for its characters. The closest thing I can think of to this show right now is Louie, and that’s saying a lot in itself. At just 4 seasons this should be a top priority for all sitcom fans, or for anyone who needs a quick, tender, laugh.


Smallville may not be the first live action superhero series ever, but it’s probably the first to use the storytelling of in a legitimate fashion. Smallville follows the young adult years of Clark Kent, the man who would go on to be the legendary Superman. Choosing to focus on an origin story set in high school may have come off as risky in the beginning, but as the show settled into its rhythms it became unstoppable. I admit that 10 seasons may have been a little on the obsessive side. Any show at that length is bound to have some dips in quality. By and large, though, Smallville succeeds beautifully and winds up setting the stage for many of the superhero series we enjoy now. Seek this one out if you love comic books. This is a must watch.