Top 10 X-Men Characters We Want in Movies

Top 10 X-Men Characters We Want to See in the Movies

How long can a single franchise ride on the shoulders of just a few characters? Pretty long, in the case of the X-Men series. Since the first film’s debut in 2002, each of the films have primarily focused on just a small amount of X-Men characters, including Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Jean Grey, and Mystique.

These are good characters, but the X-Men universe has a lot more to offer. So we’re taking a look at ten mutants who we haven’t yet seen in any of the X-Men films, but definitely want to.


10. Cypher

Cypher in X-Men

Cypher may not be considering “powerful”, or even skilled in a fight. But his abilities are fantastic, and frankly, maybe a set of abilities that I would choose for myself, given the option. Cypher has the ability to instantly understand and communicate in any language. Call him a wimp all you want, but next time you and your mutant friends are in a foreign land with no means of understanding or conveyance, you might think twice about leaving Cypher at home.

Cypher makes a very brief appearance in X-2 as part of the group of young mutants who escape from Stryker’s labs. But he doesn’t display his powers, or even reveal who he is, so we still really haven’t seen him in any X-Men movies yet.


9. Warlock

X-Men Warlock

You can’t really have Cypher in a movie and not Warlock, or the other way around. Warlock is a member of a robot-like, alien race from the planet Kvch (I don’t know how to pronounce it, either). He fled his home planet and arrived on Earth, where Cypher was the only person who could communicate with him due to language barriers. The two eventually became close friends, and eventually even merge to form one super-mutant.

Warlock has a variety of interesting powers, including flight, healing abilities, and shape-shifting.


8. Longshot

Longshot in X-Men

I want to see Longshot in an X-Men film for one simple reason: He has unique powers that we have not seen at all so far. His powers? Good luck.

Technically, you would probably refer to his abilities as “probability manipulation”, but essentially, the guy is simply capable of creating really good luck. And, with a name like Longshot, it makes sense. He also has some super-human enhancements, such as super speed, agility, and healing.

One of the more interesting aspects of Longshot’s powers is that while he creates good luck for himself, the universe feels some sense of duty to balance itself out and creates bad luck somewhere else.


7. Fantomex

Fantomex in X-Men

Fantomex is a very cool and very underrated character. Created from the Weapon program, Fantomex has three distinct personalities that completely change his nature and desires. The first is a “noble” personality — this is the one that acts the hero. The second is sneaky and troublesome, and often causes grief to those around him. The third is a frightening persona brought out by using Sentinel technology. This personality is, simply, a killer.

Fantomex’s powers are epic. He has the ability to auto-hypnotize himself, which essentially puts his body to sleep so that his mind can take over and perform various tasks. He once used this ability to perform surgery on himself. He can also manipulate reality on a fairly large scale, and his second personality, the sneaky one, often uses this to mislead and trick others.


6. Elixir


Elixir has the ability to manipulate organic matter and tissue at a subatomic level. That’s pretty awesome, right? What this means is that he can heal himself (or others, through touch) by focusing on repairing or even regrowing organic material. He once grew a heart back for a classmate whose heart had been removed. He is a powerful healer and an invaluable resource to any mutants that he partners with.

While the healing is cool, it isn’t nearly as freaky as his other ability. In addition to fixing and healing, Elixir can also use his powers to cause near-instant death to anyone he touches. If he gets a hand on you, he can shut your entire body down in just a brief moment.


5. Jubilee


If Jubilee were to be included in a future X-Men film, her powers would make for some pretty awesome special effects. She is a pyrokinetic, but not in the traditional sense. Rather than being able to manipulate fire, she can create and use brightly-colored bursts of plasma energy. These bursts can be used in the same manner as any pyrokinetic force, and could potentially become as strong as an atomic bomb.

Later in her life, Jubilee lost her pyrokinetic powers and became a vampire, along with all the traditional powers that a vampire would come with — immortality, super-human speed and strength, healing — the works.

Jubilee has actually appeared in three films so far, and will appear in Apocalypse. But so far, like Cypher, we haven’t actually seen her use her powers yet, which is a shame. Hopefully this will change in Apocalypse.


4. Sunspot


Here’s an opportunity for some much-needed diversity in the X-Men films. Sunspot, whose real name is Roberto Da Costa, hails from Brazil, and can harness the power of the Sun. He can use his powers in a large variety of ways, including forcefield creation, flight, gravity control, super speed, and more.

We haven’t had a fire-based mutant in the films since Pyro in The Last Stand, so I’d say it’s about time that we get a new one.

Sunspot has a short appearance in Days of Future Past, and he is seen flying around, shooting Sentinels with beams of fire. But aside from that short scene, we don’t see him again, even though we desperately want to.


3. Legion

Legion in X-Men

I love a good Biblical reference in the superhero world. Legion is so named because, like the man healed by Christ who was possessed by a “Legion” of evil spirits, Legion has hundreds of different personas, each with their own set of mutant abilities.

If you can think of a superpower, then Legion probably has it in one form or another. Looking over a complete breakdown of his abilities, you’ll find that he, for the most part, possesses every ability that any known mutant has. But each ability is restricted to the personality that controls it, and thus can’t be used simultaneously.

Legion’s persona’s range from kindhearted to wicked, and thus having him on a team is the ultimate gamble. This makes for a very interesting character, as keeping Legion around is the very definition of a high-risk, high-reward situation.

Legion is getting his own TV show on FX in the near future. But the series will reportedly not take place in the film universe, leaving this character wide open for film inclusion.


2. Marrow


This scary lady can control the growth of her skeleton, using her unique abilities to create armor weapons out of pure bone. She also possesses an accelerated healing ability, due to the fact that the often rips bones from her body to use as throwing weapons. Ouch.

Can you imagine just how hardcore and nasty Marrow would be on film? Creating daunting, spikey, skeletal armor, literally using her own body to bring down her opponents. I wouldn’t want to take her on in a fight.


1. X-23


I have been saying for over a year that, with Hugh Jackman wrapping up his career as Wolverine next summer, that the X-Men series needs to find a way for Wolverine’s character to live on. I don’t think that recasting is the option, because Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine. Enter X-23.

X-23 is essentially a female clone of Wolverine. She possesses all the same personality traits, including the grumpiness, and the penchant for smoking cigars and drinking beer. Rather than having three claws come out of each hand, X-23 has two from each hand and one from each foot.

X-23 has struggled with being a villain, a loner, and part of the X-Men, just like Wolverine. Rumours say that she will appear in next year’s final Wolverine film, and I hope so, because I can’t see a better way to honor one of Marvel’s greatest characters than by letting him live on through another.