‘Toy Story 4’ Will Not Tie-In With Original Trilogy

Toy Story 3 ended the story with a perfect conclusion, but some fans were still left wanting more. When it comes to Toy Story 4, Disney Pixar decided that they will not even attempt to continue the trilogy’s storyline. Smart move, but how do they plan on writing Toy Story 4?

Pixar president Jim Morris said that it is still too early in the development process to say anything concrete, but they do know that they will not be extending the trilogy. “I think this movie is not part of this trilogy. It is a separate story, which in turn I do not know if will be continued […] It is not a continuation of the end of the story of Toy Story 3. Temporarily it is, but it will be a love story. It will be a romantic comedy. It will not put much focus on the interaction between the characters and children.”

Andy may have a sound story line, but what about Bonnie, the little girl who was given Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of the gang? The story will not be following that plot and, in fact, it seems that one of the toys, whether it is Woody or Buzz, could be falling in love and getting married. Bo Peep and Jessie could be one of the lucky leading ladies in the upcoming family movie. Bonnie, the human child who cares for them, is another unknown at this time.

Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, who penned Celeste and Jesse Forever, are writing the script. They script is in the final stages and they should be doing a table read in the next several days.

Toy Story 4 is planned to cause havoc on June 16, 2017.




Source: ScreenCrush