Travel Across Lemuria with this Aurora Cosplay

Aurora is the daughter of the duke and duchess of Austria. Raised by her father after her mother’s death, she lived a very sheltered life. Now she has to journey home, across Lemuria, fighting against the Queen of the Night in order to be reunited with him. With the help of new allies, including the pyrefly Igniculus, she collects the sun, moon and stars in order to rid the land of night. A highly intelligent young girl, she fights off creatures of the night in order to free Lemuria.


Lux Cosplay is enchanting in her Aurora cosplay. Wearing the simple yet elegant white and gold dress, she poses in the wilderness. The gold embellishments are pristine in their application. Her golden crown rests ypon wavy red hair. White wings are attached to her dress, showing the characters playful nature. Sitting with Igniculus, she is a beam of light waiting to dispatch the night.


Photography by Snowgrimm