Travel to Destiny Island With This Kingdom Hearts Kairi Cosplay

Kingdom Hearts, which includes a variety of Disney and Final Fantasy characters, is a popular fandom within the cosplay community. The game is set in its own world with some Disney style areas, and follows Sora’s adventure to find his friends while meeting Disney and Final Fantasy characters in their worlds. The series consists of seven different games across various video game platforms- two remakes and four spin-off games.

Kairi is one of the original characters of the game. She was born in Radiant Garden and currently lives on Destiny Island with her two best friends Sora and Riku. The trio attempt to build a raft in hopes of travelling to other worlds, but unfortunately before they leave their islands are attacked. Kairi goes to her secret place where she is joined by Sora, but just as they embrace she vanishes, and this becomes the games driving force and is centered around Sora’s and Riku’s attempts to find her. When she is discovered for the first time her body is heartless and the story takes us through twists and turns of finding the innocent princess’ beautiful heart.  Kairi is kind-hearted and not afraid to speak her mind. When someone is in danger she becomes determined and courageous. She can become very withdrawn with Sora’s absence, but most of the time she is always upbeat and cheerful.


TwilightSaphir’s Kairi embodies the character very well. A cartoon is harder to convey in real life, but she does it with ease. In these beautiful pictures she keeps the innocence of a child, and the pure heart her character carries. She looks very playful in these photos, and we want to just join in on the fun when we look at her. Her costume itself is very accurate to the original. Her attention to detail is magnificent, especially her little teardrop necklace!



For more cosplays by TwilightSaphir, visit her DeviantArt page.

All photos by Totsugeki.

Written by Guest Contributor: AlienQueen