Travel Beyond the Goblin City with This Cosplay Duo of Labyrinth’s Sarah and Jareth

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, we watched Sarah learn important life lessons about true friendship from her dearest friends Ludo, Hoggle, and Sir Didymus, as they embarked on their unforgettable quest to save Sarah’s little brother, Toby, from the hands of Jareth, the Goblin King. Jim Henson was a mastermind at creating unforgettable stories with exceptionally great live-action fantasy sets that were always filled with extraordinary characters.

For some of us, growing up with movies such as The Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal shaped our very imaginations, as well as our standards for fantasy based stories for years to come, by bringing fantastic creatures to life that we would grow up loving. Still to this day, we can turn on any of Jim Henson’s whimsical creations and we are taken back to a simpler time when we didn’t have to do our own laundry, and we could dance around our rooms in without a care in the world as we sang along with David Bowie to those catchy 80s beats.


Russian Cosplayers Faeryx13 and adelhaid have teamed up with photographer JustMoolti and several other cosplayers to create these stunning photos. Their recreation of the ballroom scene is just as whimsically beautiful as in the movie. Adelhaid crafted such a gorgeous 80s iridescent white princess ball gown, with huge puff sleeves and stunning detailed bead and lace work. She certainly looks just like she was pulled straight out of the movie, as she paid such close attention to details such as making sure to incorporate the beautiful silver hair jewelry in her classic 80s updo.

Faeryx13 looks smashing in Jareth’s iridescent navy blue tailcoat that he accented with flowing silver ruffles, in addition to adding an exceptionally detailed bead work. Knowing how to pay attention to the small details, Jareth’s character is really brought to life. We love the bewitching owl-esk eye shadow that sweeps upwards towards the epic 80s rocker hairstyle that is donned with confidence. There are not too many people who can actually rock the Goblin King’s unique sense of style, and Faeryx13 is certainly one of the few who can.


With a fooled heart, Jareth proclaimed that he would be there for Sarah as the world fell down. It is clear to see that these two cosplayers have been there for each other while they created such amazing costumes, and we hope that they will continue to work together as the world falls down to craft more exceptionally epic cosplays that will send us into 80s nostalgia.



 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi

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