Tribute Games Bringing Mercenary Kings to PS Vita


Mercenary Kings has been recently released on PlayStation 4, free for PS Plus users. Luckily enough, it appears the title will be headed to Vita as well! Destructoid got all the details over at PAX East in a discussion with Tribute Games. The people at Tribute are working to bring three games to the PlayStation Vita, starting with Mercenary Kings, the rest will soon follow.

Mercenary Kings is a 2D action title (with a Scott Pilgrim The Game art style) that combines aspects of Monster Hunter and Contra. There’s basically lots of action, crafting, and hilarity. A date wasn’t given for when it’ll be headed to Sony’s handheld. The other two games will be Curses n’ Chaos and Ninja Senki DX. You might know of Ninja Senki from the PC game, but not much is known about Curses n’ Chaos aside from a logo. Either way, we can expect all three titles to come to the Vita soon enough. Once the Mercenary Kings Vita version releases, it’ll be cross-buy compatible via the PS4 and PS Vita.