Try Not To Fall For This Sultry Catherine Cosplay

What makes Halloween so fun? The many ways you can enjoy horror-themed costumes of course! We have been continuously blowing your minds with epic horror-themed cosplays, and as we draw nearer to the big night—we will continue to shower you guys with epic horrifying cosplays. Catherine may seem cute and innocent, but those who have spent a week living in her nightmare can easily attest to just how horrifying the sultry blonde is. While there may not be blood-soaked weapons or eerie ghosts in the game, the fear of falling while in a deep dream has proven to be more than enough to send several of the poor chosen “lambs” over the edge until they meet their unfortunate inevitable deaths.


Living in a dazed sleep deprived love triangle is definitely enough to push any guy over the edge. This stunning Spanish model has us on the edge of our seats with her captivating allure—it is easy to see why poor Vincent was so confused when he starting waking up next to the adorable blonde bombshell. Lady-Vudu-doll has teamed up with jorgeogalla photography to bring us these hauntingly tempting photos to enjoy of the young and lascivious Catherine, who will certainly be known for her ability to confuse teenage boys everywhere for years to come.


We love how she has incorporated several small details, such as her precious baby blue eye shadow and preciously curled pigtails, to lure her fans into her bizarre romantic horror themed nightmare. We truly hope that you guys have managed to escape the allure of this stunning Catherine cosplay by the exceptionally talented Lady-Vudu-doll while you are still golden. If to like is to want, then we definitely want to see more of Lady-Vudu-doll’s work in the future. If to love is to give, then we certainly must give this epic Catherine cosplay a round of applause!




 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi