Two Fan Favorite Things for Final Wolverine Movie

Hugh Jackman himself has acknowledged the weight of his final anticipated big screen performance as Wolverine. His version of the character has been one of the most enduring and popular staples of the millennial cinematic nerdom revolution. He recently asked the fans for suggestions as to what they would like to see in the final Wolverine movie and discussed the results in a Sydney Confidential Podcast.

According to Jackman, the two most popular suggestions were the return of Victor Creed, better known as Sabertooth, and “berserker rage”. Two easily recognizable features of the Wolverine comics.

Sabertooth has appeared in the films already played by Tyler Mane in X-men (2000) and by Live Schreiber in X-men Origins: Wolverine (2009). We haven’t really seen Wolverine go full berserker rage in a film yet, not to the point where he absolutely loses control to the point of easily maiming friend or foe.

Rumors persist that the final Wolverine film may be an adaptation of the “Old Man Logan” storyline from the comics. In that story, Wolverine finds himself wizened and gray, in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by Supervillains. It would be quite a wrinkle for the rest of the X-men movies.

Are you rooting for Sabertooth and berserker rage in Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie? Let us know in the comments.

Source: THR