Ubisoft Unveils Exhilarating Gameplay from Upcoming Racing Sim The Crew


Ubisoft has just revealed a sneak peak of what gamers can expect from their upcoming open world racing game, The Crew. The trailer shows four cars racing across various iconic regions of the United States before coming together to form an unstoppable crew hell bent on rewriting the rule book, one job at a time.

The Crew is an online focused massively multiplayer open world racing game that enables gamers to come together and complete various challenges as governed by the games over arching campaign. The game is now slated for release in, “Fall 2014,” following an unexpected delay in October last year.

The trailer also reveals the games limited edition pre-order incentives which look like early unlocks for the BMW Z4, the Dodge Ram SRT 10 and the Mini Cooper S along with a whole host of customizable performance parts that will help give an edge in those first few weeks. For better or worse the limited edition also includes 10,000 crew credits which means micro transactions are sure to play a big part in your gameplay experience.