The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Jade Cosplay

She’s the childhood friend of Princess Kitana and one of the personal assassins for Shao Kahn. She’s also the general of the Edenian Army, dutifully serving Princess Kitana and her mother. Any guesses as to who I am talking about? That’s right, it’s Jade from Mortal Kombat.  She’s got a confident and sassy personality, and is known for her loyalty towards Princess Kitana, being a very dependable, sincere and highly devoted companion to the princess. But when she is faced with an enemy, she is cocky, sarcastic and patronizing, even ruthless at times. So ruthless that she even splashed Tarkatan essence all over Edenian traitor, Tanya, allowing her to be shredded to pieces by Baraka’s militia.  Known for her curve accentuating, jade green, skin tight outfit, Jade is a merciless fighter. Her weapon of choice is her trusted metal staff. On occasions, she will unleash the wrath of her razerangs. Without a doubt, she is a head turner.

Photography by FirstPerson Shooter

Cosplayer and costume designer, Kristen Hughey, is a remarkable cosplayer, and has crafted a Jade cosplay that is designed to knock your socks off. Everything from the metallic green fabric, the cut of the outfit conforming with the curves of the body, the gold chains and even the boots – the details on this cosplay are amazing. The photographers have captured Jade’s sassy and kickass personality, delivering shots of Kristen in her amazing Jade cosplay that are almost as though she’s just stepped right out of the game. Kristen has indeed produced a cosplay of Mortal Kombat’s vixen in jade green that is a total knockout.

Photography by Jay Hooker Images

Kristen has many more cosplays that are just as amazing as her Jade!  Be sure to check them out via her website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.


Featured image Photography by Jay Hooker Images