Una the First Wielder Stuns in Witchblade Cosplay


Witchblade is the child of the Darkness and the Angelus, a balance between the two powers. Male, it chooses female hosts to wields its power, of which it has a wide range, including the ability to heal the wearer. First crashing to the Earth like a meteorite when the planet was still young, it was first discovered by Una. It has had many wielders throughout the years, such as Cleopatra, Red Sonja and Sara Pezzini, speaking to them as if it was their destiny.


Cosplayer NicciFett has chosen the first wielder as her Witchblade cosplay. Witchblade itself is stunningly recreated. The attention to detail is amazing, from the red and blue gemstones to organic feel. The loin cloth is beautiful, along with the Witchblade marking on her leg. The top is exquistite, mirroring the patterns, materials, and feel of Witchblade, which is often seen in the comics. The same goes for her facial adornment. NicciFett makes a beautiful Una.

witchblade-cosplay-3 witchblade-cosplay-4





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