Use the Force with this Mara Jade Cosplay

Mara Jade was taken from her parents at a very young age by Emperor Palpatine to be trained in the ways of the Force. Receiving training in various fighting methods from heavy weapons to hand-to-hand combat, she became Palpatine’s Hand and assassin. Exhibiting a wide range of abilities from infiltration to hacking to flying, her skills are as diverse as the missions she was assigned. With his death she became a skilled smuggler, groomed to take over the Smuggler’s Alliance. Eventually falling in love, she married Luke Skywalker and joined his New Jedi Order, becoming a Jedi Master. Extremely devoted and efficient, she completed missions with ease, even continuing her course of action beyond the call of duty.


Cosplayer Eve Beauregard becomes the beautiful Force user in this amazing Mara Jade cosplay. Wearing a skin tight leather bodysuit adorned with holster and utility belt, she stands proud and mysterious. Tan cape flows behind her and googles rest on top her wavy red hair. Brown knee high boots and fingerless gloves finish off the outfit. Amazing posing and photo editing really bring to life Mara Jade. Once again Eve Beauregard presents us with an epic cosplay.


Photography by Steamkittens