A Valentine’s Day Appropriate Shauna Vayne Cosplay

League of Legends – who gamers have cleverly abbreviated to LoL, has been in circuit for just a little over four years. Since, Riot Games’ free-to-play MOBA has only increased in popularity. As some might think the MOBA has become an addiction for some – gamers participating in tournaments and the like, while others use it as a way to pass the time. Whether you’re going up against bots or competing in League of Legends’ PvP mode the end game is clear: kick some opponent butt.


Over the years, the number of Champions players are able to choose from has only increased, with the number standing at over one hundred to date. Through the copious amounts of Champions to sift through emerges Vayne. The world is cruel, but so is Vayne – a woman who saw her own family perish, barely escaping with her own life. Since undergoing such a traumatizing experience, Vayne lived off her father’s money and began to train in fighting as soon as it was possible. Some time later, Shauna Vayne became the Night Hunter, using her title and abilities to scare anyone who crossed her path. Taken by the darkest of black magic, Vayne secretly wears a façade, though her real aim is to start eradication of the League of Legends.


Since appearances are not always what they seem, it’s easier to players to mask Vayne’s cold interior by putting on a fun, and seemingly flirty skin. Heartseeker Vayne, a costume that allows the Champion to be decked out in red, pink, and white, gives this grim fighter a softer approach. With the bits of femininity – paired with the overall ferocity that Vayne naturally possess, it’s no wonder that cosplayers have taken to putting together their own rendition of Heartseeker Vayne. Clodia-romero is one of those cosplayers, and her take is flawless. With a pair of knee high boots, thigh high socks, and booty shorts and a bra, Clodia’s Vayne cosplay is on point – and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Watch out, Leaguers, your heart might be the next Clodia gets her hands on.







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