The Vampire Diaries S5 E15 "Gone Girl"

The Vampire Diaries S5/E15 Recap “Gone Girl”

What a great episode of “The Vampire Diaries!” This week’s episode focused on Nadia’s illness from the werewolf bite she received last week, and our gang of supernaturals figuring out how to get Katherine out of Elena’s body. The episode ended with a solemn resolution and, in pure “The Vampire Diaries” fashion, an interesting twist.

The Vampire Diaries S5/E14 Recap “No Exit”

We begin with Nadia having visions of her past in the 16th century. She is traveling throughout the English countryside searching for her mother, Katherine. When Nadia wakes up, she is on a hospital bed with Katherine watching over her. Nadia wants to know if Katherine has contacted Klaus to get his blood so it can cure her, and Katherine thinks Nadia must be really delusional if she thinks Klaus will help Katherine. Wes arrives and despite Nadia’s protests, Katherine thinks Wes might be able to save Nadia by creating an anti-venom from the werewolf blood in her system. Nadia agrees and allows Wes to take a sample of her blood.

While Nadia is slowly dying, Stefan tells Damon that Katherine currently inhabits Elena’s body. Damon is impressed with Katherine’s guile. The entire group begins to reminisce about how evil Katherine is and they try to come up with a plan to kill her and get Elena back. They know a stab wound from a traveler’s knife would get Katherine’s spirit out of Elena’s body, but they need to lure Katherine to them. Caroline calls Katherine and suggests they throw Bonnie a fake birthday party, with the intention of getting Katherine to the mansion, and Bonnie calls to have coffee with Katherine. Katherine avoids both of them by making up fake stories about things she needs to do. She questions why Elena’s friends are suddenly so clingy.

Meanwhile, Stefan slowly starts feeding Damon to tame Damon’s vampire bloodlust. Katherine calls Damon to talk to him about what happened at the farmhouse and Damon invites Katherine over to the mansion. She agrees and, based on her agreement, Damon assumes Katherine knows that they know she is still alive.

In order to protect Nadia but avoid Elena’s friends, Katherine brings Nadia to a church somewhere in Mystic Falls. Nadia has another flashback to France in 1720 where she continues to search for information about her mother. When Nadia wakes up from her flashback, Katherine leaves her to go find Wes and find out what is taking so long for him to come up with a cure.

Before Katherine leaves, Bonnie finds one of her witch friends and has her complete a locator spell to find Katherine. The witch flirts with Jeremy as she locates Katherine in the church. Stefan goes to the church and finds Nadia alone and helpless.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Damon provokes Tyler by teasing him about Caroline sleeping with Klaus and his dead family. Tyler loses his temper and enters Damon’s cell to attack him. Damon is stronger than Tyler and manages to bite him and escape. When Caroline finds Tyler in the cell, he tells her Damon left to go find Wes.

Damon manages to find Wes and the two men banter with one another. Wes explains he made Damon even more of a vampire by making him feed on vampires. Damon attacks Wes and beings cutting him up, telling Wes it is his turn to play doctor.

Meanwhile, Nadia flashes back to Europe when she met Matt and Rebekah. We have seen parts of this story before but we did not know who Nadia was when we first saw glimpses of Matt and Rebakah’s adventures in Europe. Matt and Nadia are lying in bed and Nadia compels Matt to be honest. She asks if Matt knows Katherine, and Matt says yes. She explains she is taking Matt’s ring so she would have a reason to come to Mystic Falls and look for her mother.

As Nadia rests at the Salvatore mansion, Katherine finds Wes dead in his lab. Stefan calls Katherine and lets her know he has Nadia. He gives Nadia the phone to prove to Katherine she is alive, and Nadia tells Katherine to run away. Stefan tells Katherine she can run, like she always done, or come be with her daughter before she dies.

Matt visits Nadia and tries to make her comfortable as she is dying. Nadia tells Matt she does not want to die, and Bonnie sits with Nadia and explains to her what will happen when she dies. Katherine shows up to see Nadia, and Nadia continually tells Katherine she is looking for her mother. Katherine explains she is right there, but it does not register with Nadia. Katherine feels guilty for the life Nadia lived, and explains to Nadia what her life would have been like if they were human. After Katherine envisions herself putting Nadia in bed as a young child in Bulgaria, Nadia dies. Katherine tells her she loves her and Nadia’s ghost cries as she hears Katherine, then passes through Bonnie.

A few moments after Nadia dies, Katherine tries to run out of the mansion but Damon is waiting for her outside the door. Katherine knows she cannot get away from the house, so she says her goodbyes to everyone in the room. She tells Damon she is sorry she made his life better by making him immortal, and she tells Stefan she loves him and will always love him. She kisses him and Stefan stabs her with the traveler’s knife. Katherine leaves Elena’s body and Elena’s body collapses next to Nadia.

Meanwhile Katherine’s ghost finds Bonnie inside the church. Katherine tells Bonnie she is tired of always losing to Elena, and she lets Bonnie know she left Elena with a going away present. She flashes back to when she found Wes’ body. After she got off the phone with Stefan, Katherine stabbed herself with Wes’ virus so that when Elena comes back she will have the virus Damon has. Katherine explains to Bonnie that she was no going to let Elena get away easy and no one was allowed to have Stefan Salvatore.

After telling Bonnie all of this, Katherine anxiously tries to pass through Bonnie and it doesn’t work. She yells at Bonnie and Bonnie explains this has never happened before. Suddenly the wind starts to blow and Katherine is blown away from Bonnie, into a different world that looked like it could be some version of hell.

And with that mysterious ending, Katherine Pierce is assumingly dead. We have never witnessed someone passing into a hell-like place, so it will be interested to learn what this place truly is. Also, it was quite depressing to learn that Nadia’s life was consumed by her desire to find her mother. The flashbacks made Nadia a much more sympathetic character and it is a shame she had to die. I think she and Matt had genuine feelings for one another, but her obsession with finding her mother overpowered any desire to be selfish. Nevertheless, Katherine allowed Nadia to die in peace, which was one of the most selfless things Katherine ever did. But of course Katherine would not go without a fight, and by injecting Elena with the virus with no hope for a cure since Damon killed Wes, perhaps some witchcraft will come back into the show and save both Elena and Damon.