The Vampire Diaries S5/E6 Recap "Handle With Care"

“The Vampire Diaries” S5/E6 Recap “Handle With Care”

Welcome back to another recap of The Vampire Diaries! A lot happened in this week’s episode, so let’s get right to the recap.

The episode begins with Katherine eating breakfast at a café. The waitress asks her how she is doing, and she tells her she is simply happy to be alive. While playing with her hair, she notices some white strands.

At the Salvatore Mansion, Elena and Damon are sitting by the fire. They mention it is the day that Bonnie will be brought back to life. Silas is now a mortal and is ready to die and be with Amara, and in exchange for his death he will bring Bonnie back. Silas explains he wants to destroy the other side so he does not get stuck in purgatory. He will release Bonnie before he destroys the other side. He needs to find the anchor before he can destroy the other side.

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At a cabin somewhere in the woods, Stefan is with Tessa. She explains how happy she is that she will finally get to kill Silas, but she will not let him destroy the other side. She is also looking for the anchor to ensure Silas cannot find it. She wants Silas to be stuck in purgatory so that he has to suffer for eternity.

Tessa also notes that the travelers do not want Silas to be with Amara. Tessa knows Silas will not destroy the anchor but will not tell Stefan why. When Tessa prepares to leave to go kill Silas, she finds that she cannot leave the cabin. She tells Stefan that Silas put a spell on the cabin so that anyone who enters cannot leave until sunset.

At Whitmore College, Katherine is in Elena’s dorm room, showering and dying her hair. Catherine arrives and proceeds to pack up their stuff since they know they need to leave the campus based off of Dr. Maxfield’s warning. Caroline realized Elena is actually Katherine and threatens to kill her. Katherine tells Caroline she has nowhere else to go, and that she will help Caroline deal with Dr.Maxfield if she can stay in their dorm room and act as Elena.

In his lab, Dr. Maxfield is examining some blood, and Caroline arrives and distracts him. Katherine comes up from behind Dr. Maxfield and injects him with some medicine to knock him out.

Elena decides to go to Tessa’s cabin to check in on Stefan. She is upset with Damon for killing Stefan multiple times in order to help Silas, so she wants to make sure Stefan is alright. Tessa taunts Elena about the doppelganger curse, and Elena tries to leave. She realizes she is trapped inside the cabin with them until sunset.

Silas, Damon, and Jeremy arrive at a warehouse in New Jersey. Silas has no idea where the anchor is or what it looks like. The Travelers hid the anchor really well because they will do anything to keep Silas from killing himself to see his true love. Tessa calls Damon at the warehouse and demands Damon to kill Silas for her. She tells him she has to do it before sundown or else she will kill Elena.

Back at Whitmore University, Caroline drains the vervain out of Dr. Maxfield’s blood so she can compel him to forget Caroline and Elena are vampires. Katherine, posing as Elena, threatens Dr. Maxfield and demands to know who else knows about them. He admits there is a secret society that thinks Elena and Caroline are vampires. They were planning to invite Elena to a party to initiate her into the society before they realized Elena is a vampire. Katherine tells him it’s not a problem and she will go to the party.

Katherine arrives at the society party. When she is greeted at the door, a woman is surprised to see her and tells Katherine that she (meaning Elena) never RSVPed. Katherine apologized and walks inside without an invitation, much to the surprise of the woman. Katherine heads straight to the food and eats a bunch of sandwiches before running into Aaron. While talking to Aaron, her tooth falls out and she secretly realizes she is aging really quickly.

At the warehouse, Damon decides not to kill Silas and not bring Bonnie back in order to save Elena. Bonnie appears to Jeremy and tells her she is fine with Damon’s decision.

The Travelers show up at the warehouse and start saying a spell in a different language and burn Damon. Damon rips out their hearts and stabs them. Before he dies one of the travelers says he does not want Silas to die yet.

Meanwhile, back at Dr. Maxfield’s lab, Caroline compels Dr. Maxfield to tell her more about the secret society. He explains the society is called Augustine. They recruit only the brightest people, and covered up Megan’s death because it was just any vampire death, it was the Augustine vampire that killed her. While telling Caroline this story, a member of the society shows up at the lab and asks where he was. Caroline leaves and the woman tells Dr. Maxfield about Elena’s appearance at the party and how they were wrong to think she is a vampire.

Back at Tessa’s cabin, Stefan secretly tells Elena she will not kill her. Tessa calls Damon and wants to know if Silas is dead. Stefan surprises Tessa and stabs her after she hangs up the phone with Damon. Stefan and Elena flee the cabin.

At the warehouse, Silas manages to find the anchor. He opens the box and finds Amara inside; she is the anchor and Tessa never killed her. Silas feeds one of the travelers’ blood to her to revive her. Amara wakes up and Silas takes her outside. Amara realizes Silas has the cure in his blood and stabs Silas with glass so she can drink his blood and take the cure. She does not want to be immortal anymore.

Back at the lab, Katherine arrives and gives Dr. Maxfield his tape recorder back. She mentions there is some interesting information on the recorder about a vampire called the Augustine vampire and wants to know what he wants to knows about the vampire. She also wants his help to stop her from aging.

Outside the warehouse, Damon finds Amara and ties her up. He goes back to the mansion and tells Elena they have to keep Amara alive.

The episode ends with Tessa arriving at Silas’ place. She finds Stefan there, and tells him she saved him from the tomb, not the two people he loves.

And now we have three doppelgangers in the show! This will surely be intriguing, yet confusing at the same time. I have to admit the lore around Silas and Amara is getting rather stretched, and I hope they finish this story soon and focus solely on the Augustine Society. Now that is an interesting plot and really reminds us of the first seasons when the vampires had to deal with the Founders Council. The Vampire Diaries really works better when it deals with just the relationship between vampires and humans. Including too many supernatural creatures becomes exhausting and more far-fetched.