The Vampire Diaries S5 E8 Recap "Dead Man on Campus"

“The Vampire Diaries” S5/E8 Recap “Dead Man on Campus”

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Dr. Frankenstein has come to Mystic Falls! Or rather, a new version of Frankenstein. We finally got some insight into what this Augustine Society is all about. Let’s get right into the recap of this week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries” to learn more.

“The Vampire Diaries” S5/E7 Recap “Death and the Maiden”

We begin with Wes in his lab, continuing his experiments on Jessie. While talking into his recorder, Wes explains Jessie has been a vampire for 14 days. Wes feeds Jessie some blood and Jessie wakes up. Wes notes that the blood makes Jessie strong, and as he says this Jessie breaks free from his restraints and attacks Wes.

In their dorm room, Bonnie makes a video message to send to her mom. She lies to her mom about her summer and proceeds to video tape her dorm room. Elena and Caroline walk in with party supplies. They tell Bonnie they are throwing her a party because she is back and because Silas is gone. They also tease Bonnie for not telling her mom that Bonnie is the anchor. Bonnie lies to the girls about needing to register for classes so she can go meet Jeremy. While making out, Bonnie sees an old woman staring at her. Bonnie leaves Jeremy to go see the woman without telling Jeremy what is happening. The woman grabs Bonnie’s arm and tells her she is ready. She then passes through Bonnie and Bonnie screams in agony.

At the Salvatore mansion, Damon hangs up the phone with Elena and tells Stefan they are invited to the girls’ dorm party. Stefan ignores Damon as he keeps having visions. Damon shows concern for Stefan but Stefan does not tell him what is happening.

At the Mystic Grill, Matt shows Katherine the video of himself possessed. He is trying to find out what happened to him and knows Katherine might be able to help. After agreeing to give her some drinks, Katherine tells Matt a spirit was activated inside him by a traveler. She explains travelers are a faction of witches that are into possession. She asks Matt if he knows Nadia, and he says yes.

Back at Whitmore University, Caroline and Elena are setting up for their party. Jessie calls Caroline and demands she come to his room because he needs help. Inside his room, Aaron arrives and we find out Aaron is Jessie’s roommate. Jessie attacks Aaron and Caroline arrives just in time to stop Jessie from killing him. She asks Jessie who turned him into a vampire, and he explains Wes did it to him. Elena arrives and gives Jessie some blood bags to help settle his hunger. Caroline then takes Jessie over to Aaron and teaches him how to use his blood to heal humans.

Meanwhile, Katherine finds Stefan at the Mystic Grill and wants him to drink with her. After some persuasion, Stefan agrees to have one drink with her, and ends up telling her about his visions. Katherine tells him he has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and that it will eventually go away; she also had it due to her father taking away her baby and the centuries she was hunted. While talking, Nadia shows up and Katherine introduces her as her daughter to Stefan.

At the lab, Damon ties up Wes in a chair. He is determined to find out what Wes did to Jessie and what his motives are. Damon finds some blood in a refrigerator and Wes tells Damon not to touch it. Damon looks at the vials and sees they are filled with infectious diseases. Damon threatens to inject Wes with the diseases in order to get answers. He injects a flesh-eating virus into Wes but to no avail.

Outside the Mystic Grill, Matt gives the knife the traveler gave to him to Katherine. Nadia calls on Matt’s passenger to wake up Gregor. Gregor wakes up and Katherine demands to know why Gregor wants the knife. Gregor explains he had a mission to kill Katherine after Silas was dead. Katherine tells Gregor she knew his grandfather and also knows the knife will kill travelers. She stabs Matt in the side to kill Gregor.

At the lab, Damon keeps injecting Wes with viruses to get answers. After threatening Wes with Ebola, Wes confesses that he was trying to turn Jessie into a new kind of vampire that does not feed on human blood.

While Wes is telling this to Damon, we find Jessie and Caroline dancing at the party. Jessie gets close to Caroline’s neck, and suddenly he bites Caroline. Horrified, he runs away from Caroline and she sees he bit her.

Aaron arrives at the party and Elena greets him. They sit down and Elena asks how Aaron knows Wes. Aaron explains Wes has been his legal guardian ever since his parents died. He explains his parents died while they were camping; he heard his mother screaming and found her dead with bite marks on her neck. The police said bears attacked them.

Back in Mystic Falls, Stefan keeps having visions and he has to leave the restaurant. He walks outside and Katherine follows him. When she tries to snap him out of his visions, he begins to choke her. She is able to turn his focus away from his visions by making him remember his first kills. Her plan works and Stefan snaps out of it.

After hearing that Wes is Aaron’s only surviving kin, Elena calls Damon and tells him not to kill Wes. Damon agrees but Jessie shows up and attacks Damon. Damon reminds Jessie he is an older vampire and thus stronger, but Wes tells him that is not true; his experiment made Jessie stronger. Jessie bites Damon and Damon cannot get away. Elena arrives and stakes Jessie from behind. He falls to the ground and Caroline arrives to watch him die. Elena apologizes to Caroline for killing Jessie and Damon tells Caroline Elena had no choice. Caroline cries as she tells Elena they were suppose to help Jessie, not kill him.

Back at the grill, Stefan finds a note on the bar from Katherine to Nadia. It’s a suicide note. Katherine explains in the letter she refuses to be hunted again and would rather die by her own hand than someone else’s. She acknowledges killing herself if not the most motherly thing she can do, but she is tired of running. We find Katherine on top of the bell tower, and she jumps off of the building. Stefan arrives just in time to catch her. Stefan asks what she is doing, and she tells him she is dying of old age. Stefan smiles and tell her she is Katherine Pearce and she needs to suck it up.

In their dorm room, Bonnie and Jeremy are about to make love, when Jessie comes into the room. Bonnie realizes Jessie is dead and he passes through her. Jeremy watches as Bonnie yells out in pain. Jeremy asks what happened and Bonnie confesses what it truly means to be the anchor. Jeremy is upset with her for withholding this information, but Bonnie explains it is worth it to be able to touch and be with Jeremy.

In Wes’ lab, Damon decides he will kill Wes due to his experiment on Jessie. As Damon looks through Wes’ refrigerator, he finds blood bags with patient numbers on them. Damon suddenly remembers his patient number and that the Augustine Society went away 60 years ago. Wes tells Damon they never went away and that Augustine will be thrilled to have Damon back. Damon tries to escape but Wes is able to stop Damon by hitting the fire alarm, which actually disperses vervain. The next scene shows Damon waking up in a prison.

So the Augustine Society experiments on vampires! And Damon was one of their victims in the past! That entire scene reminded me a lot of the scene in X-Men II when Wolverine begins to remember the experiments that were performed on him. Now that Damon has been captured, how will Elena and the gang find him? And why was Wes protecting Elena and Caroline by telling them to leave University when at the same time he was experimenting on vampires? Perhaps there are orders not to experiment on them. Only time will tell.

It is sad to see Jessie gone as he and Caroline had some great chemistry. I’m still holding out for a Caroline/Klaus relationship, but that clearly will not happen anytime soon so Caroline needs someone to distract her. And what was Caroline’s beef with Damon this episode and her pointing out all of his flaws to Elena? That was rather out of left field. We have known since the beginning of the show that Damon can be dangerous; this was not news to Elena or the viewers.

Since next Thursday is Thanksgiving, “The Vampire Diaries” will not air, so we will see you again on December 5th!