The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3 "Original Sin"

“The Vampire Diaries” S5/E3 Recap “Original Sin”

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Three weeks into season five of “The Vampire Diaries” and already we were given one of the biggest revelations of the series; Elena and Stefan are destined to be together! But before we get more into that, let’s recap what happened.

We begin with Stefan walking along a highway, clearly hungry. He stops at a bar and attacks the bartender. Before he kills her, he tells her to run. When he goes outside to chase her, the sun comes out and he starts to burn. Elena suddenly wakes up and we learn this was a dream. While describing what she saw her in dream to Damon, Katherine walks in and tells them she had the same dream. They all decide to follow the clues they saw in the dream to see if it leads them to Stefan.

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Meanwhile, Silas calls Nadia and explains he does not completely trust her. In order to gain his full trust, he wants Nadia to find Matt and kill him. Nadia finds Matt outside the Mystic Grill. Matt knows Nadia did something to his memory, and she explains she is there to keep him save from Silas. She puts a spell on Matt and we find out Gregor is temporarily inside Matt’s mind even though he died. Nadia wants Gregor to use Matt’s body to find Katherine for Silas, and promises she will find a way to get his body back and bring him back from the dead.

Stefan wakes up to find himself inside a cabin with a woman. She gives him a blood bag and clearly knows exactly who he is and makes it clear she knows about Silas. We learn she was the person who freed Stefan from the safe and from the sunlight. Stefan questions how this woman knows about Silas, and she explains she and Silas have a very long history together. As the woman explains her story, we flashback to ancient Greece where she and Silas were in love. She reveals she and Silas were powerful travelers, and Silas wanted to find a way for their love to last forever. However, Silas was only tricking her so she would make the immortality spell so he and his one true love could be together forever. When the woman figured out Silas was tricking her, she cursed him and put him in the tomb with the cure. This is when we learn this woman is actually Qetsiyah.

Qetsiyah explains she took advantage of Bonnie’s spell and crossed the veil to kill Silas herself since her plan with the cure did not work out. We flashback to ancient Greece again and Qetsiyah explains during their wedding, Silas took the immortality spell on his own and left her at the alter. She followed Silas into the wilderness and saw his one true love; a handmaiden, named Amara, that looks exactly like Elena. She explains that doppelgangers were created as a result of Silas and Amara’s sin since they took the immortality spell and broke nature’s order. Stefan asks whether Amara is buried somewhere in a tomb, and Qetsiyah tells Stefan she forced Amara to take the cure 2,000 years ago, and once Amara took the cure Qetsiyah slit her throat and killed her.

While Qetsiyah enlightens Stefan about her past, Elana and Damon arrive at the bar from earlier in the episode and Damon compels the bartender to tell him about the incident with Stefan. The bartender tells Damon she saw a woman take Stefan away while he was burning in the sunlight. Suddenly Nadia shows up and tries to get Katherine, but Elena tells Katherine to run and attacks Nadia. Nadia is able to hurt Elena but she flees before Damon can intervene. Elena finds Katherine running away in the woods. Katherine wonders why Elena would save her life and Elena explains she is hopeful Katherine will find some humanity inside of her. While talking, Nadia shows up, snaps Elena’s neck, and takes Katherine away.

Meanwhile, based off of the information the bartender gave them, Damon finds Stefan at the cabin, all tied up. Qetsiyah is preparing a spell to link Stefan to Silas so she can minimize Silas’ mental powers. She thought Katherine would show up with Damon, revealing that she planted the dreams about Stefan in Katherine and Elena’s heads, but she proceeds with the spell anyway despite Damon’s protests. Stefan insists Qetsiyah complete the spell because they all want to get rid of Silas. Damon stops interfering and lets Qetsiyah begin her spell.

While producing the spell, Nadia brings Katherine to Silas. Nadia does not want to give Katherine to Silas without some more information and Silas grows impatient and begins to compel Nadia to kill herself. Before he can make Nadia complete the act, Qetsiyah completes the spell and stops Silas. Nadia and Katherine are able to escape.

Back at the cabin, Stefan is passed out but Qetsiyah explains he will eventually regain consciousness. Qetsiyah explains to Damon that the doppelgangers are destined to be together and that she has witnessed different versions of the doppelgangers fall in love over and over throughout the centuries.. She explains she and Damon are the same because they got in the way between the doppelgangers and that destiny is working against them. After she tells Damon this story, Elena arrives and rushes to Stefan’s side. Nadia and Katherine arrive at a motel and continue to hide from Silas. Silas called Nadia and expressing his disappointment in her. She asks Silas why he wants Katherine so badly, and Silas explains that the cure runs in Katherine’s veins, thus others can use Katherine’s blood against him or for themselves.

The episode ends at the Salvatore mansion. Stefan is asleep on the couch and Elena comforts him. Damon enters the room and reveals what Qetsiyah told him about the doppelgangers and their destiny. Damon tells Elena he does not care what destiny has in store for them; he will love Elena and do anything he can to prove his love to her. Touched by his words, Elena goes in to kiss Damon, but before they can kiss Stefan wakes up and Elena turns her attention to Stefan. Elena and Damon ask Stefan if he is alright, and Stefan tells them he has no idea who they are.

So Stefan and Elena are destined to be together and in the long run Damon has no chance of being with Elena. It will be interesting to see how that plot plays out during the show. We finally learn the origin of the doppelgangers, which is one of the last plot holes in the show’s mythology and I’m glad it has finally been addressed. What is odd though is that Qetsiyah claims she has witnessed versions of Stefan and Elena throughout the centuries; if this is the case, why was Klaus chasing Katherine and, in more recent times Elena, for hundreds of years if there had been other versions of the doppelgangers around. Klaus and the other originals have been around for at least 1,000 years, and surely there was another doppelganger before Katherine came around in the 16th century. Nevertheless, the news about the doppelgangers destiny certainly puts a damper on Elena and Damon’s relationship. Lastly, I think bringing Qetsiyah into the mix is a great idea and will create some unique and exciting stories to come. Perhaps Qetsiyah will be able to bring Bonnie back. Who knows what she is capable of. This season of “The Vampire Diaries” is reminding me more and more of the first two seasons of the show and I hope it continues down this great path.