Vampy Bit Me As Miriya is So Enchanting

Miriya Parina Sterling is a Zentraedi (or warrior race of clones) who piloted for the Imperial Zentraedi Forces before switching alliances to the Robotech Defense Force. Her warlord nature led her to initially believe that she was unbeatable in combat, and took pride in the fact that she was undefeated for a long period of time. Vampy Bit Me makes such an awesome Miriya posing as confidently as any female warlord should. Her purple flight suit with a red stripe fits like a glove and is complete with all the apparatuses that are made to protect the wearer in space and also provide oxygen for up to five hours. Vampy Bit Me brings this heroine to life with her amazing attention to detail, beautiful craftsmanship, and her passion for the character.

miriya-cosplay-1 miriya-cosplay-2 miriya-cosplay-3


Photography by Paulina Kim Joo and Photographes Sans Frontieres