Vaporeon Cosplay Causes Us to Bubble with Joy


Vaporeon is one of Eevee’s final forms in Pokemon. When exposed to a water stone, it changes from a normal type to a water type, growing a tail and the ability to melt into water. One of the original 151 Pokemon debuted in the series, Vaporeon is a fan favorite. A rare pokemon that is usually found in cities with their trainers, they prefer crystal clear waters and beautiful shores.


Cosplayer Giada Robin has been exposed to a water stone, transforming into a beautiful and stunning Vaporeon. Sunning herself on the shore of sparkling waters, her finned headpiece is perfect. Blue hair cascades down her shoulders and her collar ruffle matches Vaporeon’s perfectly. A two piece ensemble follows composed of light blue with dark blue along the rigged edges. Off the bikini bottom is the tail, showcasing Vaporeon’s main physical change. Matching gloves complete the outfit. Giada Robin shows off her creativity and amazing body in this sexy Vaporeon cosplay.

 Photography by Antonio Rivilli