Vi Cosplay Takes a Break From Crushing Criminals to Enjoy the Water

Vi started down the wrong path in life, turning to crime in order to survive on the harsh streets. Becoming a master mechanic at a young age she was taking in by a group of criminals. This all changed when a raid on a mining facility went bad. Choosing to rescue the trapped miners instead of escape with her crew, she armed herself with a pair of hextech gauntlets. Rescuing the miners, she severed ties with her crew and proceeded to steal from other criminals to get by. Caitlyn noticed this behavior and brought her on as an enforcer of the law, her criminal knowledge an asset to reducing crime in Piltover.


It is not often that Vi gets a chance to relax away from the city. Cosplayer Thelema Therion presents us with a creative take on what Vi looks like catching some rays by the water. Wearing a two piece black and yellow bikini, she enjoys her time in the sun. Pink hair and signature VI tattoo on her cheek make this cosplay identifiable even without all the textech armor. Hands wrapped in gauze instead of inside her hextech gauntlets, Vi truly is taking a break from punishing crime.