Video Game Babe Bayonetta in a Gorgeous Cosplay


Bayonetta 2 recently released with high acclaim.  Not only did they improve on the gameplay in Bayonetta, but they also gave her a fresh new look!  Bayonetta rid of her long black locks and now dons a short bob cut combined with her skin-tight black ensemble to prove she is ready to kick some demon butt.


Cosplayer Arienai Ten completely evokes Bayonetta in her epic cosplay that looks straight out of the game.  Her black outfit is perfectly detailed and embroidered with intricate designs, and, of course, she sports Bayonetta’s signature black framed glasses.  Arienai adds a touch of cute and sexy with her lollipop prop, and perfectly places herself in a setting reminiscent of the game with cathedral windows and fluttering bats as her backdrop.  This cosplay is totally epic, and one of the best Bayonetta’s to date!



 Photography by Freia-Raven and post-processing by Arienai Ten of Paranoid Witches


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