Vocaloid’s SeeU Comes to Life Through This Amazing Cosplay

There aren’t many voice synthesizing apps that you can bring to life — literally, but it would appear that Vocaloid is one of them. Since 2004, people have been using the voice applications and making their own music with each different character. Over the years, new Vocaloids have popped up and, of course, people have taking a liking to those who quickly became favorites. SeeU has only been around for four years and while she’s still quite young, the Korean Vocaloid has gained quite high praise.


SeeU has been featured in over 200 songs and is being continually used in original and cover music material. Besides, it’s hard not to take a liking to her when she’s just so darn cute! While you might not think bringing a program to life can be done, cosplayers have been doing it with ease. However, not everyone can pull off the adorable SeeU with as much grace as Yuu Cosplay. Her dedication and love for the character is evident in her cosplay, and there’s no denying that it deserves high praise for how fantastic it is.


Photography by Jan Ondreas Fotografie, Kage1988, and Gorthaur