Voice Actors of Fallout 4 Unveiled

Many gamers get quite invested in the titles they fall in love with — even down to the smaller details. Voice actors are one of those details, those some might argue that they’re not so small. There’s just something about voice actors that help make a title great, hence the actor part of their job description. Bethesda revealed who the male and female protagonist voice actors are of Fallout 4 and it seems to be creating quite a bit of buzz.

Emil Pagliarulo, Fallout 4’s lead designer and writer, tweeted a picture of Courtenay Taylor and Brian T. Delaney, who voice the female and male leads. Some might know Taylor from her previous work as Subject Zero, or Jack, from Mass Effect as well as Juhani from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Taylor also has experience with working in the Fallout series as she brought to life Gloria Van Graff, Janet and Jas Wilkins in Fallout: New Vegas. Delaney, on the other hand, hasn’t done much that gamers might recognize outside of his work in Halo 5: Guardians.

Aside from that, Fallout 4 will feature a canine companion — or human counterpart for players. Howard has said that the German Shepard within the title cannot die while exploring in the RPG. There has also been talk about mod support for Fallout 4 as well as how the title will work on console.

Fallout 4 will bring players back to the Wasteland on November 1oth.