Walter White Had a Cameo in Godzilla

Before anybody goes rushing back to theaters or borrows their friend’s Blu-ray just to see another “Only Here for Godzilla” moment, some clarification is in order.

Bryan Cranston doesn’t make a cameo appearance in his Heisenberg hat and goatee in the same movie where he played (hold on, I have to IMDB it) Joe Brody. It truly is a blink and you’ll miss it, cameo. Assuming you were watching for it in the first place.

In the opening credits of the film, where credits are rolling amid ominous government white out redacts, the words “Walter” and “White” can be made out in the text surrounding Bryan Cranston’s Credit. The words are quickly covered up, of course.

Check out the screen cap from IGN below to see exactly how Walter White snuck into the film.

Walter White Godzilla Title Sequence

How about that?

Makes you wonder what kind of surprises we might be in store for when “Godzilla 2” comes along in 2018.