Wasp Cosplay Will Brighten Your Day

Wasp aka Janet van Dyne is the daughter of wealthy scientist Vernon van Dyne who was killed by an alien during one of his experiments. Vernon’s partner, Henry Pym helped Janet shrink, grown insect wings, and fire energy blasts to become Wasp. Pym used the same machine to create Wasp as they used to create Ant-Man. With his help, Wasp and Ant-Man were able to reap their revenge on the alien that killed Janet’s father and banished him to the dimension from whence he came. Later, Wasp helped name and became one of the founding members of the Avengers.

Hillz01 is portraying this adorable, little pixie. I am absolutely in awe of the wings! They’re so beautiful and obviously crafted with a lot of talent and patience. I love the edit to the photo around her fists where you can tell she’s about to kick some major butt with her fireballs! Wasp is one of many Marvel characters that Hillz01 cosplays, and I recommend checking them all out!

Photography by Russ Matthews Photography